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Technical Support FAQs

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I have a product with an alarm function, can I set it to wake to iPod, iPhone or iPad?

Yes - if the product has an alarm function, you can set this to wake you to iPod mode, in the same way as radio or CD.

Is my iPod, iPhone or iPad compatible with the product?

Any iPod with a standard 30 pin connector will fit into the dock of the product. If you have an iPhone, check for the "Works with iPhone" logo to ensure full compatability.

My iPod does not fit into the dock.

Make sure you use the correct dock adaptor for your iPod. Some products are supplied with a selection to cater for older generation iPods.

There is no sound when I dock and play my iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Check that the product is switched to iPod mode and that the iPod is securely docked. Take care when docking or removing the iPod as the connecting pins and socket are delicate.

Will I be able to fully control my iPod, iPhone or iPad with the controls on the product?

Yes - look for the "Made for iPod" logo on the product. This means the product can control all the functions on your iPod. Usually the iPod functions are reproduced on the remote control (if supplied) for greater flexibility and ease of use.

Will the product charge the iPod, iPhone or iPod battery?

Yes - The iPod battery is charged automatically by the product when it is switched ON. It will even charge if the product is switched to another mode. Some products charge the iPod when in standby mode.

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General Information

How do I know if there is Digital radio coverage in my area?

Most centres of population in the UK now have Digital Radio coverage and signal coverage is constantly being further extended. A useful coverage checker is available at Simply enter your Post Code to display the Digital Radio stations available in your area.

I can't pick up any Digital Radio stations on my Digital radio.

Ensure the antenna fitted on your product is fully extended, and the product is suitably positioned to receive Digital Radio signals. You may find careful re-positioning will help. When using a personal Digital Radio with earphones, ensure the earphone cable is fully unwound as this acts as the antenna.

Make sure the product is set to "Digital Radio" mode. Some products have a dual Band tuner - Digital Radio and FM.

Check the level of Digital Radio service in your area at

I get a "burbling" sound when listening to my Digital radio on some or all stations.

Try the tips above for positioning and setting up your product. If you have further questions try the top tips available at:

Will I need a new aerial to receive Digital Radio?

In-home digital radios usually feature a telescopic or wire aerial and providing you live within the coverage area this is usually sufficient to pick up a signal. If you are receiving a clear signal an external aerial is not required.